Shebeast is currently offering a three-part workshop that dives deeper into their form. In these improv workshops, you will learn the art of gifting, monoscene work, and character building. Shebeast’s approach to gifting focuses on playing boldly, making firm decisions in scenes and gifting your fellow players rich detail to fill out the world of the scene. The monoscene workshop focuses on extended play. Where to turn when you think you’ve run out of information, milking a scene for all it’s worth. Pulling new details, presenting new ideas, revealing truths and playing like the show will never end. Lastly, our characters workshop focuses on creating rich and interesting characters. Using your body, voice, experiences, to create complex and interesting characters with complex backgrounds and full lives. Workshops will be approximately three hours long with a thirty-minute dinner break and will all be held in the small theater at The Annoyance Theatre. To sign up please click on this link for The Annoyance Theater and click on “workshops”. If you are interested in having a member of Shebeast teach a workshop at your local theatre please contact us at