Elizabeth Andrews

I have had the pleasure of working with Susan Glynn for a few years now and I can say without a doubt this person is multi-talented. Susan can wear many hats and wear them well. She is creative, reliable, collaborative, hilarious and so much more. I would book Susan in a heartbeat if you want to get the best experience working with a true professional.

Tony Orlando

I am so glad that I met you and had the opportunity to be directed by Susan. Susan is the definition of unshakable. I admire the nerve and fearlessness Susan exudes whether or not she is on stage. Susan is afraid of no one and it's that unflinching boldness that will take Susan anywhere She wants to go. In the same way I admire her confidence to beat the shit out of any situation, I also can't deny her compassion and encouraging nature. She is the first person that really made me feel like I was worthy of being in a room with talent and because of that she made me feel like I had talent. She made me feel like I had a point of view that was good enough to share with other people and because of that she made me feel like I was good enough.

Lexi Alioto

Having Susan as a director was nothing short of a wonderful delicious blast. Not only was she organized, cared for each of her actors, and was respectful of time, but she always challenged me to have the most fun with my characters and applauded my bold choices. Susan is the best!

Lydia House

From the beginning of the lesson Susan did an incredible job of making everyone feel special. Her unique voice is so important and she worked hard to make us feel like an ensemble. Susan Glynn? More like Susan GRIN because we were all smiling!

Brit Flynn

Susan is a delightful powerhouse of creativity, humor, and wisdom. She’s incredibly supportive and I felt extremely honored to have the opportunity to be lead by her as a director.

Wesley Whitaker

She is such a joy to work with. Her directing style is very collaborative and fun, and before you know it you have a killer show. I would work with her again in a heartbeat!

Robin Trevino

I worked with Susan Glynn on Grease 3 aka Y2Gay. This was actually the first time in my life that I worked with a director who was younger than myself, so I was particularly sensitive during the process. Susan and I had gone through Second City Conservatory around the same time, so I was curious about how things would go, even though I was in love with the script she co-wrote. The concept/script alone was enough to draw me to the project. In comedy, you must find a balance between strong concept and freedom for spontaneity, and this is Susan's gift. She helped create a structure for her creative cast to follow, while tempering our creativity in exploration of the text. She knew exactly when to push us further and pull us back. I've been working in comedy for 13 years and acting for 27. This was the most trust I've ever had in a director's comic sensibility and overall vision. Plus, it was just fun. 27 years in the business, and I have come to realize that fun is not always a guarantee. Working with Susan is fun. Fun and brilliant.

Ryan Brown

Susan's direction challenged me to push past fear in order to play my character more physically and fearlessly. She motivated me to work through instinct and cast doubt aside, which ultimately freed up my acting towards taking more risks.

Brittany Bookbinder

Susan Glynn is a thoughtful, compassionate director. I've had the pleasure of working with her on two projects. She takes the command of the room and always makes sure everyone feels comfortable and heard. She is a clear communicator, a smart storyteller, and she's very funny, warm, and just a joy to be around!

Mac Cherney

I had the pleasure of working with Susan Glynn back in August 2018 when she directed Y2Gay. Susan's true gift is creating a safe and fun space for her actors to play in. With her knowledge and background as a performer, she knows the ideal climate creators need to truly make their best work. Directors and teachers, specifically in comedy, need a sharp eye that leads to appropriately given critiques which build people up while also making needed adjustments. It's a difficult skill that she definitely poses. Susan is a fearless leader, your number one cheerleader and always down to clown. I will always be grateful for my experience working with her.